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CVF Capital Partners Announces New Investment in Vege Labs, LLC

Vege Labs Takes on Private Equity Investment to Fund Growth

San Diego, CA (March 25, 2021)- Vege Labs, LLC (“Vege Labs” or the “Company”, previously Vege Kurl, Inc.), a leading value-added formulator and manufacturing partner for personal care products using organic and natural ingredients for leading brands, announces it has received a strategic investment from Hemingway Capital (“Hemingway”) and middle market private equity firm, CVF Capital Partners Capital (“CVF Capital Partners”). With its new partners, Vege Labs plans to accelerate its organic growth and pursue acquisitions that will expand its product and service offerings for their clients.

For over six decades, Vege Labs has manufactured a wide variety of products in the personal care industry, with extended capabilities in the household cleaning and pet care arenas. The Company specializes in being a value-added partner for companies selling hair care and skincare solutions, hand sanitizers, fragrances and other alcohol-based products, as well as OTC, topical ointments, and botanical extracts.

“We are very excited to partner with CVF Capital Partners as we focus on our next phase of growth,” said John Matise, CEO of Vege Labs. “Both Hemingway and CVF Capital Partners bring extensive industry experience that we can leverage to further advance our business and meet the growing needs of our clients.”

“We chose Hemingway and CVF Capital Partners because of the strong alignment of culture, commitment to management teams, proven track record of investing and helping the businesses they acquire, and a parallel vision for the natural and sustainable products industry,” added John Matise, Chairman and shareholder.

“Vege Kurl has significantly expanded its product and market reach while demonstrating a high level of service and commitment to the customers they serve. We are delighted that they chose to partner with Hemingway and CVF,” said Stefan Okhuysen, Partner at CVF Capital Partners.

About Vege Labs, LLC: Headquartered in Glendale, CA., Vege Labs was founded in the 1950s as a private label contract manufacturing partner and formulator of high-quality cosmetic, cosmeceutical, health & beauty, and household products. The Company provides a wide range of products such as: shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, serums, permanent waves and relaxers, skincare creams and lotions, alcohol-based products such as hand sanitizers, colognes, and fragrances, OTC products, plus spa and esthetics products. Our expertise even lends itself to pet care and household cleaning products.

The Company’s sister company, Vege Tech, is a Certified Organic company that offers many natural botanical technologies as well as marketing savvy to customers wishing to create leading edge products with a Natural or Organic marketing flair. We strive to build a more sustainable world through natural products, lower waste, and involvement in saving the Amazonian Rainforest.


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