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CVF Capital Partners Supports the Acquisition of Cordant Health Solutions

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (April 10, 2023) – CVF Capital Partners (“CVF”) supported the acquisition of the Toxicology Direct Bill (“Direct Bill”) division of Cordant Health Solutions (“CHS”). The Direct Bill division provides drug testing and lab services for parole agencies, probation and drug courts as well as medication-assisted and abstinence clinics. As part of the transaction, CVF co-invested with DCA Capital Partners (“DCA”) to acquire CHS from a financial institution, who has been the owner since 2013. The other two divisions are the Toxicology Clinical and Pharmacy divisions, which did not form part of this transaction. The Direct Bill division experienced continuous growth in the last 15 years and have expanded to cover clients in 46 different States in the US. The carve-out will retain the name and logo of Cordant Health Solutions.

Steve Mills, Founder and Partner at DCA, said, “We are excited to partner up with a strong management team that has decades of experience in the industry and have built an organization that is ready to scale. The Company has a strong record of delivering their lab services to clients in better than industry average turnaround times thanks to its advanced IP capabilities to track millions of samples a year as well as its best-in-class lab specialists.”

José Blanco, a Founder and Managing Partner at CVF Capital Partners, said, “Cordant is essential in monitoring drug use and ensuring compliance with court-ordered drug treatment programs. Its services will continue to be needed to track the presence of new and dangerous illegal drugs that are constantly entering the market. The Company plays a critical role in preventing drug use, protecting public health, and ensuring safety in the society. The increase in the consumption of these drugs over the years has led to an increase in drug testing to treat and help increase the number of returning citizens to society and reduce if not abate recidivism. We are also excited about continuing working in another transaction with DCA after partnering up for an investment in Bonafide Medical Group last year.”

Brian Hoblit, Principal at CVF Capital Partners said, “We like the industry given the recession resistant aspect about it as well as reliable customer base where some of them had a contractual relationship with Cordant for up to 17 years. There are also different growth opportunities that we hope we can assist management to accomplish them during the holding period.”

About Cordant Health Solutions

Cordant Health Solutions is a leading US-based provider of medication monitoring and drug testing services. Founded in 1997, Cordant offers a wide range of testing solutions, including urine, saliva, and hair drug testing, as well as genetic testing and medication monitoring. Their services are used in addiction treatment centers, pain management clinics, behavioral health facilities, and drug courts, and are staffed by highly trained scientists and technicians who use the latest technology to provide accurate and reliable test results. To learn more, please visit

About DCA Partners

DCA Partners is an alternative asset manager and advisory firm based in Sacramento, CA. DCA’s private equity fund is focused exclusively on investing in and acquiring profitable growth businesses in partnership with great management teams. To learn more, please visit

About CVF Capital Partners

CVF Capital Partners was established in 2005 to finance later-stage growth, recaps, and buyout opportunities across the lower middle market. CVF invests both mezzanine debt and preferred equity and has raised $385 million in committed capital across its three funds. The fund has offices throughout California in Davis and San Diego. This geography allows the firm to attend to small businesses seeking capital throughout the broader Western United States. To learn more, please visit

For More Information, Contact:

Jose Blanco, Managing Partner

CVF Capital Partners

Tel: (530) 757-7004


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