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Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

Transaction Type:

Expansion and Acquisition Capital


Glendale, CA

CVF Securities:

Subordinated Debt and Preferred Stock

Founded in 1958, Vege Labs, LLC is a private label contract manufacturing partner and formulator of high quality efficacious cosmetic, cosmeceutical, health & beauty, and household products. The Company provides a wide variety of products such as shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, serums, permanent waves and relaxers. Vege Labs specializes in skincare treatments, creams and lotions, alcohol-based products such as colognes and fragrances, plus spa and esthetics products.

The Company’s sister company, Vege Tech, is a Certified Organic company that offers many natural botanical technologies as well as marketing savvy to customers wishing to create leading edge products with a Natural or Organic marketing flair.

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